Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

Dear Readers, 

Happy New Year! Our 2014 has arrived in quiet, family style. 

With our oldest and youngest still recovering from a winter cough, we kept it low key and enjoyed a night of tacos + black beans + rice. It was easy and simple - and early, we dined at 5:00pm - and may have inspired our household mantra for the coming months: "Take it down a notch." 

Seems our bar was high and varied throughout 2013, and left us with many moments rushed through and without deliberation. Looking forward to slower days in 2014, and maybe a few more laughs and lingering moments along the way. 

My husband and I love fine dining and cooking in splendid style. As a result, our girls do eat well and have relatively refined palettes - for an eight, six, and three year old, of course. Alas, that "of course" accounts for many nights of only partially finished plates and courses. (Pun intended)

Cooking takes time, and with three little ones running around, time is most often at a premium. May the year ahead begin as an homage to simple cupboards, healthy ingredients, and varied menu plans! That the children will actually eat...

With love and kitchen blessings,